Breaking Into the Education Market

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New businesses, start-up companies, food service outlets, and technology companies often have a difficult time breaking into education markets because they are so diverse. The process is getting a little easier because education is changing rapidly. School districts are facing demanding challenges throughout the country. Some funding depends on test scores, so students are being taught how to test well rather than how to think critically. Classrooms are overcrowded so teachers have to spend more time keeping order than teaching those students who want to learn. Students are distracted by electronic gadgets, a decreasing attention span, and the drama encouraged by social media.

Any product that can ease chaos, present information in a meaningful manner, and motivate kids to learn has a fighting chance of getting noticed, with the proper k-12 school marketing plan. Presentation is crucial, how features are highlighted can make or break a pitch, and sales representatives have to indicate how the product provides a high return before it will be considered by school systems. Those skills require specialized training. One, two, or three days of training are offered by a company that has twenty years of experience in the education field. Training can be done at the business location, or in a retreat setting.

Developing new products to meet current needs, as well as anticipated future challenges, requires k-12 market research. The company can design, implement, and analyze data from customized research projects. Researchers are experts in their chosen methods, such as primary, efficacy, secondary, and qualitative research. Associates are available to conduct interviews, facilitate focus groups, and arrange surveys. Collected data is analyzed, outlined, and summarized for business owners. Results can help businesses find a niche, revise current products, or develop new ones with reduced risks.

Consulting services are also offered to create strategic plans, business plans, marketing plans, as well as product and sales channel development. Navigating educational systems and markets can be difficult. Experienced help can make a significant difference is business success. Some businesses do not realize that educational markets include more avenues than just schools. Products and services can be geared toward libraries, after school programs, adult education, and alternative learning settings. Discovering all the possibilities will help businesses better understand the market.